Hi everybody. Here's a new version of a baseball song I wrote called "Welcome Back Oldtimer" . It was recorded at the Secret Sound Studio in Briarcliff Manor, New York, produced by Clifford Carter (long-time keyboardist for James Taylor and my Little League team mate). There's also an accompanying video by Emmy-winning producer  Jeff Hymes, who was a long-time producer for NBC Sports and also my team mate Freshman year on the Kenyon College baseball team. We're trying to get this to The New York Mets to use for their Old Timer's Game on Saturday August 27th, so if you like it and know anybody that works for the Mets or Major League baseball, please pass it on to them. Thanks and Let's Go Mets!

Password: Welcome (Upper case "W")       Welcome Back Old Timers v4         https://vimeo.com/734119375       Please note that we don't own the rights to the images in the video.

The song is copyrighted by ASCAP (Willie World Music)


Free Outdoor Concert 

Wednesday, August 24th: 5:30 - 7pm

Bellamy-Ferriday House

45 North Main Street, Bethlehem, CT

Sponsored by Bethlehem Land Trust

Bring a chair; have some fun!


Welcome !
This is the website of singer-songwriter Willie Nininger. Thanks for visiting. Check out the calendar to see where Willie will be playing, find out what he's been up to lately and take a second to give us your email address so we can let you know about anything exciting, like a performance near you.

Willie Nininger moved to Connecticut in 2002 from Switzerland where he lived and performed music for several years, but before that he was a mainstay of the New York City Folk and Country singer-songwriter scene, centered around Greenwich Village. In those days, Willie played frequently at Folk City, The Bottom Line and the Lone Star Cafe, sharing the stage with a variety of luminaries including Woodstock opener Richie Havens, the Country legend Ernest Tubb, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Jesse Colin Young (of the Youngbloods), Levon Helm and Rick Danko (of the Band) , John Sebastian (of the Lovin' Spoonful) and many others .During this time he also wrote songs for the Captain Kangaroo Show, appeared on the TV show Hee Haw,and sang the National Anthem for the New York Mets at Shea Stadium several times.

All three venues Willie used to play at are gone now, but on November 6th at the Cutting Room in Manhattan, the Lone Star Cafe had a reunion hosted by Kinky Friedman, featuring many artists who used to frequent the club, including Willie. Willie says: "The Lone Star was an amazing honky tonk. It was right on 5th Avenue and had a huge papier-mache iguana on the roof. Although it was very strangely shaped , it was a great place to play and hang out-you never knew who was going to show up. One night when I was playing, I got a request from Keith Richards to play the Willie Nelson song "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain"-and I didn't know it! I learned it pretty quickly after that. I'm really looking forward to the reunion; I haven't played in Manhattan for awhile and there will be a lot of musicians there whom I haven't seen for a long time. Larry Campbell, who has worked with Cyndi Lauper and Bob Dylan and used sit in with us when my dad Eugene was playing violin in our group, is going to help me out and my brother Jim (who was born in Fort Worth, Texas) will be there also."

Willie was recently interviewed by Xecutives.Net, The Swiss Management Network. Check out the interview HERE.



Six Feet Away

Here's a new song about social distancing I wrote recently while I was walking around my current home town of Southbury, Connecticut. If you like it, please share it with your friends on anyone else you think might be interested. Stay safe and I hope to see you again before too long.

Check out Willie's show at the
Greenwich Village Folk Festival
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